Who are you and why are you doing this?
It’s really hard to make friends these days. Many of us are lonely even though we’re surrounded by people.
And even though we may feel alone, we are not alone in this problem—according to some studies, nearly 2/3 Americans reported being lonely, leading researchers to proclaim that we are in a "loneliness epidemic" (and COVID-19 has almost certainly made it worse).

We made FriendGroups.org to provide a safe, stress-free way to find people around you that you'll get along with.
Why small groups?
Small groups are less awkward than 1 on 1’s and less intimidating than large crowds. They’re just right for getting to know each person.
How many people are in a group?
4 people—perfect for a variety of games. Plus, you'll all fit on a picnic blanket!
Why commit to meeting three times?
Studies have shown that repeat encounters are the most important factor in developing friendships.

We kindly ask that you carve out time to meeting your group at least 3 times.
How do you match us?
We thoughtfully hand-match friends based on factors such as age, interests, histories, and values. You may view (and submit) the survey here.
How long does it take to be matched?
Please allow up to 4 weeks to be matched with your group.
In which locations do you make matches?
We are currently focusing on New York, New York, but please do not hesitate to submit an application if you live elsewhere. If we get enough applications in any specific city, we will make a match.
How safe is it?
Even though we anticipate meeting in groups to be safer than 1:1, please take necessary precautions such as:
- Letting people know your whereabouts
- Meeting in a public place
- Doing only what feels comfortable to you
What are you doing to protect participants from COVID 19?
Our participants must be fully vaccinated in order to matched.
What is a group captain?
One member of each group will be designated group captain. A group captain is responsible for contacting group members (such as starting a group chat) and coordinating the venue.
What if I don’t like someone?
If it’s not fireworks at first, that’s normal! Please give it another chance.

We understand that, in rare cases, some people will simply not get along. If this is the case, you may contact us here to be matched with another group.
Is this for dating?
No, using friendgroups.org for dating is prohibited.
Do you sell my data?
Friendgroups.org will never sell your data.
Does this cost any money?
No, we are purely volunteer run. Our sole purpose is to help people form bonds in our increasingly disconnected cities.
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